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Terms and Conditions (AGB)

These binding terms are associated with business conducted with Chapman Translation LLC, and apply to any obligation agreed to by Chapman Translation LLC, and is solely under the discretion of the above. Any other agreed terms are to be made in written form and agreed to by both parties.


Limited Liability
Any damages actual or implied are limited to refund of the original contractually arranged payment. Although every effort is made to ensure suitability of the delivered product, Chapman Translation LLC assumes no liability for any damages resulting from use of the end product, which includes consequential and incidental loss as a result of any errors in the end product. Payment in full for delivered goods by Chapman Translation LLC is an acceptance of the suitability of the delivered product. Any change to these conditions is to be made in writing and agreed upon by both parties.


Payment Due and Payment Methods
Payment is considered to be delinquent after fourteen (14) days of delivery of the end product. A security deposit may be required before the start of work at the discretion of Chapman Translation LLC. The refund of any payments, including deposits, if any, are to be made at the sole discretion of Chapman Services LLC, or under otherwise previously agreed upon conditions made in writing. Payment may be made via PayPal or Bank Transfer, unless otherwise previously agreed upon.


Delivery of Product
Delivery of the final end product by Chapman Translation LLC is to be made in accordance with the agreed upon conditions before acceptance of work. Any change to these terms must be made in writing and agreed upon by both parties.


Intellectual Property
The end product becomes the property of the client upon payment in full. Delivery of the end product to the client does not constitute ownership by the client. Any use or non-use of the delivered end product without payment is considered to be theft of intellectual property with all associated liability and any coincidental damages resulting from use.


Any personal information in documents tendered is considered to be private and will be protected to the best ability and may be destroyed promptly after the delivery of the end product. Any files, documents, or artifacts which are unclaimed may be destroyed without notice and liability unless previously agreed to by both parties in writing.


These terms are considered to be valid wherever the business is conducted. Non-payment after delivery may be considered theft wherever such end products are delivered. This includes electronic documents which may be delivered to the client via electronic means. Chapman Translation LLC assumes no liability for charges which may be incurred during collection of unpaid invoices including incidental legal fees.


Feel free to ask directly if you have any questions about doing business with Chapman Translation LLC!


January 5th, 2015, NM USA