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Bachelor of Arts - German - 2015

UNM German Language & Literature Program Tenants:

Confident and Fluent Expression of the German Langauge

Successful Navigation of the Cultural Environments of German-Speaking Countries

Perceptive Reading, Listening, and Viewing of German Texts, Films, and Other Media.

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Master of Arts - Translation Studies - 2022

Heidelberg University Translation Studies Program Tenants:

The program emphasizes translating factual and specialized texts into other languages, covering both theoretical and practical aspects.

Development of cultural mediation competence which is a crucial aspect of translation.

Complementary to theoretical understanding, students acquire practical translation skills.

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Rechtssprache Seminar - 2023

Proof of Professional Competence in Legal German


Comprehensive training in German legal language

Coverage of various legal areas including civil law, criminal law, and administrative law

Diverse courtroom and administrative terminology

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